My Transition Spur

My Transition Spur

Transition was a brand that I wasn’t familiar with when Brown County Bikes first opened. I had heard of the company but had no clue how their bikes differed from other bike brands, but it didn’t take long to learn about their unique geometry. In September, I had the opportunity to hop on a Transition Scout. I was blown away by the comfortability and smoothness of the ride. It was different from any bike I had ever been on. Around this time, I was also in the market for a new bike. I had been riding a used full suspension that I had bought from a friend last summer, it was starting to give me some trouble, conveniently I had just started working at Brown County Bikes. I was able to get my bike fixed and then start shopping for a new bike because I wanted something new and reliable to hit the trails with this summer.

 I didn’t know for sure what bike or brand I wanted at the time but the more I read and learned about Transition the more I liked it. The rider owned company is based in Bellingham, WA and focuses on what they call Speed Balanced Geometry. SBG focuses on longer frame reach, short stems, slack head tube angles, offset forks, and steep seat tube angles. This allows equal weight distribution throughout the front and back of the bike, giving you more stability when you are sending a downhill and more confidence handling the bike around techy sections. They also sport their own GiddyUp Suspension. This design features a one-piece flex stay rear triangle, giving you a more balanced feel than usual. Their anti-squat design in the shock allows for faster acceleration and more efficient pedaling without disabling the suspension when you need it. So, you can just grab your bike and GiddyUp!

The Scout was a nice and fun bike, but it had a little more travel than I was interested in, coming in at 150mm of travel in the fork. My bike at the time, which was also my first full suspension, had a 100mm of travel in the front and I really enjoyed it but wanted a little more travel. I knew something around the 120 range would be what I wanted. That is when I found out about the Transition Spur. A lightweight, all-country bike with 120mm of front and rear travel with 29-inch wheels. This seemed like a bike I could get on board with. I was really interested in the Spur and it started to pop up everywhere on my social media, this popular bike was up for bike of the year on Pink Bike. The Spur climbed like an XC (cross country) bike and descended like a downhill, it was fast and efficient. The X01 and XX1 would come with the SIDLuxe Ultimate forks at 44mm offset, and the Rockshox SID Ultimate in the rear. The GX build comes with the SIDLuxe Select+ in the rear and the SID Select+ up front. The frame features lifetime warranty and a full carbon frame with pivot technology improving rear stiffness. This bike was everything I was looking for in my next purchase… so I sent it.

A few weeks later I purchased a green Spur in the XO1 build. I ordered my bike in December but won’t be getting it till May. Like the rest of the world, the bike industry has also been affected by Covid-19, the pandemic put a waiting list on bikes and parts. Many bikes have been pushed out months some even until 2022 but I feel pretty fortunate to only have to wait a few months. We have gotten a few Spurs in the GX build in this spring and they have all sold fairly quick. Brown County Bikes just got a Spur XXI in and it is amazing, I’m sure it will also go quick. After seeing one and being on it in person I was super impressed with Transition’s design of the bike, and I am very excited to get mine soon!

Update: I got my Transition Spur in early June and absolutely love it! It is the best bike I have ever ridden or owned.

If you have questions about a Transition Spur or any of the bikes we sell, come on by to Brown County Bikes or give us a call. You can also check out our inventory on our website to see what we have in stock. Happy riding and make sure to Giddy Up with us this summer on some of our group rides!


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