Women's Mountain Bike Rides

Women's Mountain Bike Rides

Kate and Danielle, married couple and owners of Brown County Bikes established a weekly women’s ride over 4 years ago through their outdoor adventure company DNK Presents. When they lived in Indianapolis they led the rides at Ft. Ben or Towne Run. Since moving to Brown County Indiana 2 years Kate started the rides back up in beautiful Brown County State Park. The women’s rides were made to provide a safe place for women of all levels to ride with other women, meet other like-minded people and feel more confident riding. We’ve heard many stories of women getting left behind from “the guys”, apologizing for making them wait, getting left alone on the trail, and so forth. We wanted to make mountain biking something for every woman to feel comfortable trying and wanted to fix the gender gap in the world of cycling and mountain biking.

Here's a perspective from of our riders and bike shop employee’s, Maris Wyman:

Once I started going to the women’s rides, I could tell a difference in my riding right away. Previously I was kind of new to mountain biking, but this was beginner friendly, so I went. I was surprised how much I learned after going on just one ride, Kate helped me with the basics; she taught me how to position my body while climbing and descending, the correct way to roll over roots and rocks, how to wheel lift and more!

On the trails when the terrain would start to get technical Kate would stop and session the difficult areas or let us see the line she would take if we weren’t familiar with it. Then we all get to give it a try and cheer each other along the way. Stopping and going over technical areas really have helped me feel more comfortable riding over the difficult terrain and definitely increased my confidence.

Now that we are into winter and the days are getting shorter, we night ride - as long as the trails are open. Night riding sounded scary at first but is when you look ahead and see half a dozen lights zipping around on the trail in front of you it just puts a smile on your face.

Starting out I didn’t know too many people who mountain biked, especially other women and I mostly rode alone. Since I started going to the women’s rides, I’ve rode with women from all over the state and now I see familiar faces on every trail. It’s a pretty awesome experience getting to ride with a group of people with the same hobby as you, everyone there is so nice, it really lets you get comfortable so you can have fun and make mistakes and not be judged. Just enjoy the ride. It introduced me to a whole new community that I didn’t even know existed.

So, come join us at 6 o’clock on the first and third Thursdays of the month in Brown County State Park if you want to ride and have fun with a rad group of women!


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