HandUP THICK Winter Gloves Sunrise

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As dawn breaks and that sunlight starts peaking over the horizon and fading into the sky, there you are just waking up from your night full of tequila sunrise and realizing that this is no beach. It's winter but you're committed to starting off the day right by tackling some miles before the inevitable "I'll just have one" line comes out of your mouth. Before you know it you're having "one" after another, but at least your hands are warm... and heck, you did it this morning, so tomorrow shouldn't be too bad. Right? Well that sunrise sure is beautiful.

  • Extended Stretch neoprene cuff to easily pull gloves on and off without fumbling for a strap
  • Dual Layer, Fleece Lined insides to warm your fingers as you ride. Like having a hoodie on under your down jacket.

  • Durable, Clarino leather palm for maximum bike feel and no extra material bunching up

  • Silicone graphics on the palms for extra grip so you'll never drop that frosty beverage or Muddy Handlebars

  • HUGE towel sweat cloth on the thumb for wiping away your runny  nose (you know it happens).

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