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Transition DEMO Patrol GX Alloy Small - 2022

Transition DEMO Patrol GX Alloy Small
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Get a sweet deal on a sweet demo bike we're rotating out, remember no tax on used bikes yay!

The Pure Bred Party Animal

The mixed wheel Patrol has a new haircut but is still down for anything and truly unapologetic when it comes to shredding trail

Being one of the longest standing bikes in our lineup, it was the obvious choice to mix it up. Updated geometry to accommodate the 29" front / 27.5" rear wheels and revised suspension tune might just make you ride all day, and then all night. Jibbing, jumping, pumping and hooting your way down the trail, the updated Patrol loves to party. From bike parks to your local trails, the Patrol isn't concerned with where you ride but rather how much fun you are having.

Part Numbers

210000003773 210000003773