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Transition DEMO Spire GX Carbon Large Grey - 2022

Transition DEMO Spire GX Carbon Large Grey
This item is currently not available.


We're switching out some of our demo fleet, this bike has been lightly ridden and is already Ride Wrapped. Check it out and let us know if you have questions!

Color: Primer Grey
Size: Large
Build: Carbon GX Code
Retail price: $6299
Sale price: $4099

The Nimble Bruiser
Take on the biggest terrain without the penalty, Long travel doesn’t have to mean single purpose

The Spire blends DH bike capability with mid-travel efficiency in such a way it’s almost two bikes in one. A delicately tuned pedaling and pumping platform, super supple beginning stroke sensitivity and all the travel you could ask for makes for a mind bending ride. Happily climb up to your favorite challenging descent, then cruise on over to your local flow trail and you’ll be rewarded on both ends of the spectrum. Don’t be fooled though, while it’s no one-trick pony, the Spire lives to push your limits. Get in-Spired.

Part Numbers

210000004649 210000004649